Most plumbers just fix leaky taps, at GRK Plumbing, we seek out the cause of the problem, then work with you to resolve and repair it in the most cost effective manner. We don’t just fix things, we also service, install and supply quality plumbing products for your home. Being Green Plumber Certified, we make sure your plumbing services are repaired and installed in a way that will save the environment and your money!

We specialise in:

    • Taps and toilets – we repair, service, replace and install.
    • Roofs, gutters and downpipes – we repair, replace and install.
    • Burst waters – we locate and repair the cause of the burst waters.
    • Hot water units – we repair, test, replace, supply and install electric, gas and solar hot water systems. Our service also includes free removal of your old system.
    • Drains – we unblock drains as well as repair and replace sections or entire drains. We also provide excavation services with our own machine.
    • Gas – we install main gas lines; service gas appliances; install new gas appliances; convert gas to natural gas; and also provide Caravan Certificates for gas compliance.
    • Green Plumber Certified water efficiency audits – we can carry out a water efficiency audit on your residential or commercial property and provide you with some energy efficient ways of improving your plumbing.
    • Backflow valve testing


We also provide after hours Emergency Plumbing Services – please call 07 3277 9190!