3 Reasons you Should Fix your Leaking Taps

We know, life is busy and it is easy to keep saying “I’ll get around to having them repaired”. But did you know leaking taps are potentially dangerous? Here are 3 reasons you should really get around to fixing leaking taps:

1. Health Hazards

It’s not so much the leaking tap itself that is hazardous to you and your family, but the mold, mildew and material damage it can cause. This problem can develop unseen in the structure and foundations of your home, and might only be discovered once they have cause harmful illnesses or costly damages.

Mould is especially of concern as it produces toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that can cause allergic reactions, hypersensitivity, and respiratory problems.

Stagnant water can cause undesirable insects and bacteria to breed around your home or office.

This can all be avoided by having an experienced and qualified plumber repair those leaky taps.

2. Saving Water

Did you know a leaking tap or pipe can waste up to 20,000L of water per year! Water is our most precious resource, and as we all know it is important not to waste in our current state. A small leak can have a significant impact on our environment when left to its own devices. As the climate changes, droughts arise and our population grows, this starts to impact the environment around us. We should all do our part to help conserve our most precious resource.

Saving water in your property is always positive!

3. Saving Money

Continuing on from the above, with the changes in climate, decreasing rainfall averages and a greater demand for water usage, it’s no surprise water utility charges will rise. Considering how much water a leaking tap can waste over the course of a year, this is a cost most families can’t afford to ignore.

A leaking tap can seem like a minor problem; however, it can lead to so many bigger issues if left unattended. If you have a leaking tap that you’ve been meaning to get repaired, call GRK Plumbing today and one of our qualified plumbers can repair this for you.