Top 5 tips to prevent storm water drain problems

The storm season is coming to an end. We have had plenty of emergency calls from people with overflowing stormwater drains through the season which could have easily been prevented.

A few simple tips can help avoid stormwater overflows and relieve the pressure your stormwater pipes are under:

  • Clear leaves and any debris from your gutters
  • Run your garden hose down your downpipes to check they are flowing
  • Check the outlet point of your stormwater system for any blockages
  • Check all yard gully points and driveway drains / grates for debris and clear if there is
  • Check your rainwater tank inlets and outlets for blockages

It is handy to know where your stormwater pipes run so you can easily check they’re doing their job. If you are unsure, please ask for advice! Hope this helps.